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Ethical Hippy Clothing and Festival Fashion

At Fair & Global we're proud of our extensive range of ethical hippy clothing and alternative fashion lines. From bohemian fashion styles to psychedelic fashion items, we stock one of the best online selections of alternative clothing, made especially for people like you. Our range includes boho clothing choices for men, women and children. Our bestselling products include harem pants, yoga pants and simple organic tee's. The boho clothing look has endured for decades, appealing to those with a free spirit and a love of peace. Our range is constantly updated however, giving alternative clothing fans new choices every season. Whether you're looking for tops, dresses, accessories or trousers, our vast range of hippy clothing is home to everything you need for an alternative fashion wardrobe.

Psychedelic Fashion for Fairies, Pixies and Elves

Our clothing is made from natural materials including cotton and hemp and takes alternative fashion styles - using the principles of psychedelic fashion and bohemian fashion - to make lovingly produced pieces. All of our clothing is ethically made. We fully comply with all Fair Trade standards. We also stock a choice of bohemian fashion and hippy clothing options made with organic cotton, which is not only better for the world, but better for the wearer too. With everything we do, from our clothing manufacture to our own offices, we have the environment at the forefront of our business practice.

Harem Pants and Aladdin Pants for man and woman

Our range of hippy clothing includes classically chilled harem pants, ideal for everyday wear, for yoga, as beachwear and for light exercise. As well as Harem pants we also stock classic hippy clothing item, Thai fisherman pants, a unisex trouser that evokes a stolen summer on a Thai beach with the added bonus of being highly comfortable. Our Thai fisherman pants come in a choice of full leg and 3/4 length. Along with Thai fisherman pants we stock other global trousers styles including Samurai pants, Aladdin pants, Afgani pants, Harem pants and Java pants.

Boho Fashion for Girls and Boys

At Fair and Global we also stock a choice of boho clothing coats and jackets, ideal for everyday use, festivals, camping and the great outdoors. With features that include hoods, waterproof fabrics and warm linings, our coats are ideal for a range of outdoor activities. Alternative fashion tastes such as psychedelic fashion are well catered for too with our extensive range that includes psychedelic fashion tops, jackets, jumpers and dresses. Psychedelic fashion uses bright colours and zany designs, perfect for those who like to make a statement. For those who care about the world but want simple hippy clothing styles, we also stock a range of chic organic cotton t-shirts, vests and underwear.

Our jewelery range is the perfect way to finish your bohemian fashion style, with ethnic styles which have been crafted beautifully by our manufactures in Nepal and Thailand.

Boho clothing is all the rage these days, but our range isn't a high street fad, its the real thing, made lovingly by people we care and respect. Our hippy and boho clothing line doesn't just make you feel good, it makes the world feel good. Whether your looking for bohemian fashion or simple hippy clothing, our wide range is ideal for those who want clothes that don't cost the Earth.