Aladdin Pants - Afghani Trousers - Harem Pants
Aladdin Pants Cotton Yellow
Aladdin Cotton Pants, medium green
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Aladin Pants cotton Sky Blue
Aladdin Pants Afghanic trousers Sky Blue
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Aladdin Pants

Fair Trade Aladdin Pants from Fair & Global ethical clothing

Also commonly referred to as genie pants or harem trousers, aladdin pants have always had a strong presence in bohemian fashion and are perceived as quintessential hippy clothing. Introduced into the Western world in 1911 by Paris couturier Paul Poiret to try to reinvent and liberate Western female fashion, the baggy pants have become increasingly popular in mainstream female fashion over the last decade or so as well as maintaining their reputation in hippy circles.

Aladdin Pants with Eastern and Tribal Origins

Originating in Persia (what we now know as Iran), Aladdin pants were first conceived of as Middle-Eastern tribal wear for women, their loose fit seen as representing modesty and innocence. However the tribal trousers soon became popular among men as well because of their comfort.

Ways to Wear Harem Pants and Aladdin Trousers

Aladdin pants have become adopted for so many different occasions and styles. Here a few ideas on how to wear yours.

Channel tradition: Harem trousers still look great worn with other traditional Eastern clothing. Adding lots of jewelry and sequins can help create an authentic Eastern style.

Yoga: They are not only appropriate for yoga because of the discipline's origins in the Eastern world, the baggy pants are also suitable because of their breathable material and the lack of restriction they provide in movement.

Hippy style: Genie pants are still a popular item of hippy clothing and prominent in bohemian fashion. Opt for vibrant colours and patterns to create a eye-catching hippy look.

Fashion: Far from their origins as tribal wear and tribal trousers, aladdin pants have infiltrated both mainstream and catwalk fashion over the last decade, most prominently featuring in Ralph Lauren's 2009 spring show. For a great summer look, wear harem trousers with a crop top and a pair of sandals.

Beach and chill-out: Because of their lightweight, breathable design, aladdin pants are great to wear either on the beach or when you're chilling out at home.

Pregnancy pants: The comfort and stretchable nature of harem trousers also make them a flattering choice for pregnancy pants.

Hammer Pants

Aladdin pants had a brief resurgence in the 1980s and 1990s when MC Hammer popularised them  by wearing them at his concerts and, most famously, in his music video for U Can't Touch This. He even had his own clothing line, which featured several different styles of the baggy pants.

Fair & Global Aladdin Pants

Handmade from fair trade, natural cotton, Fair&Global's genie pants are extremely comfortable and perfect for everyday life and chilling out, as well as a being a great choice for those who love to stand out through their clothing and have an interest in bohemian fashion. Their continued reinvention, from tribal wear and tribal trousers, to hippy clothing, to yoga pants, right the way through to catwalk and mainstream fashion highlights the versatility and perennial style of the baggy pants. Check out the great range of aladdin pants on Fair & Global Clothing today !

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