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Alternative festival clothing - the hippie dress through tribal clothing, to a tie-dye tunic

Everybody likes creating their own unique fashion look, that has inspirations and influences other than the catwalk. Popular at the moment are alternative fashion styles, with tribal clothing, hippie dress, and styles inspired by fairies, being seen at summer festivals. Sporting a retro Boho dress is popular in mainstream fashion at the moment, but along with steampunk dresses, it can also make great festival clothing. In fact, the only rule is, there are no rules. Let your fashion sense run wild and release your inner you in steampunk dresses or styles inspired by fairies.

The place for steampunk dresses and the Boho dress in alternative fashion

Steampunk literature is a sub-genre of science-fiction writing, based on Victorian industry. As a genre it has been popular since the 1970's, with bands such as AC/DC and Doctor Steel adopting its influences in stage costumes and music, leading to its aesthetics being seen in the wider world of fashion. The first rule of steampunk dressing is to go over-the-top Victorian. Delight the senses by including as much texture and tonal color as possible. Wear all black steampunk dresses for a touch of Gothic, and go wild with your make-up and hair, or go as bright and glamorous as you like. It's all about your unique fashion style, and anything goes.

Creating a look inspired by a hippie dress or boho dress isn't that hard. It's about expressing the inner free-you, and emphasising your natural beauty. As it's quite a recent trend historically you are sure to find an original and beautiful boho dress or hippie dress in flea markets and junk outlets. Wear your hippie dress find as it is, or be creative and make it original to you, you immediately have some great alternative fashion. A peasant blouse, a tie-dye tunic or a tunic sporting fringes all help you create a hippie or Boho dress look. Both a hippie dress, outrageous tunic or steampunk dresses make the perfect festival clothing. Work the Boho dress look with flared jeans or long flowing skirts in lovely bright colors and top with a tunic in retro colors, or pretty blouses with lots of embroidery and lacing.


The fantastic world of fairies, tribal clothing and yoga-wear becoming mainstream

The fantastical world of fairies has also been appearing on the catwalks and working its way down to the high street. Designs have been inspired by traditional tales of fairies, wizards and elves, or working imaginative elements into colors, draping, pointed hems and flowing sleeves. Adorn your look with flowers in your hair, or embroidered on the clothing.

Tribal clothing can be main-stream fashion or way-out there. Strong ethnic-inspired graphics look great on T-shirts and tunics, or can be used on heavy woollen or waterproof ponchos. These make the perfect festival clothing, giving protection against the elements. Prints on tribal clothing can be inspired by Native American Indians, cultures in Africa and the Far East, or the ancient patterns of the Aztecs and Incas. All tribal clothing is instantly recognisable and creates great looks for alternative fashion.

Until recently yoga clothing was only acceptable in the gym, or on the yoga mat. Now designer sweatpants and fashion sport tops are being seen everywhere but the gym. Daring fashionistas are even sporting them to work and out to dinner. As alternative fashion they make a great statement when styled up with statement jewellery and trophy shoes. Or, wear them as festival clothing and head for the music.

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