Harem Pants

What are Harem Pants ?

Harem pants and Goa Pants are  the ultimate in comfortable clothing. These baggy trousers or tribal wear, are perfect for both men and women who want ease of movement but want great looking Bohemian clothing as well. Sometimes referred to as Aladdin pants,  they are reminiscent of the floaty pants we see in films and on TV from parts of Asia and the Middle East. This type of Bohemian clothing sits on the waist or just below and has a full wide leg which narrows at the ankle. Often the crotch of harem pants is worn low, near the middle of the  thigh or even as low as the knee. This is extremely healthy as it allows for air circulation. This combined with the natural cotton means the wearer will be cool throughout the day. This hippy fashion is available in a wide range of patterns and colors, including striking tribal wear designs. Once worn, you'll understand why these are popular with those who practice yoga.

How to wear harem pants

The beauty of these baggy trousers is they make casual Bohemian clothing look brilliant, especialy their tribal wear line.  These harem pants can be worn with virtually anything and made to look casual or formal. For women, a short midriff top looks fantastic with harem pants. These can be worn with flat shoes such as plimsolls or a low heeled sandals. This is an excellent choice for a simple casual or daytime outfit. For a dressier look women should opt for a thigh length loose fitting shirt in a complementary color.  For men, Aladdin pants and  a close fitting t-shirt, is a perfect combination if you want to show off your body. To get that real Bohemian Clothing look, a thigh length loose shirt is in keeping with tribal wear and is always admired. Aladdin pants are ideal for the beach or poolside too as they offer more coverage while still retaining that fun adventurous look.

Who wears Harem Pants ?

Hippy Fashion and Aladdin pants specifically, have been popular for more than fifty years as each generation wants to experience the freedom of the ideas and the fun clothing styles of that era. Harem Pants were part of that popular movement and now have seen a resurgence in popularity. These baggy trousers which are loose fitting and tighter at the ankle are worn by many who enjoy yoga as they allow ease of movement. These easy to wear trousers have found a new fan club in those who want hippy fashion. They seek out Bohemian clothing which has a retro and exotic feel to it. Harem pants  are great for those who wish to hang out with friends, go clubbing, or activities such as practicing yoga.. They are incredibily comfortable. Many people prefer theirs to look like tribal wear and select fabric decorated with a dramatic artistic designs.

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